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Lost and exhausted? Sometimes God allows us to go so far down that we have no other choice but to look up. Does He have a purpose for those times? You bet He does. You will not only learn how to survive, but to thrive through them. You will be empowered to overcome. Renee will teach you how to have a vibrant life even in the midst of overwhelming circumstances. Jesus Christ gives us the power to rise up and sing even in the darkest night.



Renee Bollas

Author Bio

Renee is passionate about God’s Word. She has studied it for over 25 years. When her youngest son was diagnosed with Autism, it challenged her faith to the core. She had no other choice but to cling to her Jesus. He spoke precious messages to her through that dark night. She feels compelled to share them with others who are going through their own adversity. Renee established a support group for moms of children with special needs. She founded Zoe Life, a Bible based social communications group for children with special needs. She leads the Women’s Ministry at her church. She is married and has two boys who are both treasures.